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            Survey & Web Reporting Requirements

            Denison online surveys are hosted at and The surveys use modern, responsive HTML5 web pages to collect survey responses. The submitted data is stored in an encrypted Microsoft SQL Server database. In some cases, each client survey may have a unique survey URL. Participants must use the survey link that was provided in their survey invitation email, since bookmarking a page will not work.

            When Denison Consulting sends out email invitations for a survey, the email will be sent from an address at one of the following domains:, or Your organization's email administrator should ensure these domains are whitelisted to prevent survey invitations or reminders from being rejected as spam. Individual users should be instructed on how to prevent the email messages from being treated as junk mail by their installed email client.

            We highly recommend that the survey be tested from all unique client locations to make sure there are no firewall, email or browser compatibility issues. It is recommended that Denison Consulting be provided with an IT contact we can work with directly to resolve any potential conflicts.

            Survey & Reporting Access

            Permit access to TCP ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) through your corporate firewall, Intranet or VPN to the Internet with restrictions lifted for the following domains and/or IP addresses.


            Email Whitelisting

            Spam filtering software, either at the corporate firewall, 3rd party or desktop level should not block HTML-formatted email sent from the following domains or IP addresses.

            MX: (
            MX: (

            MX: (

            MX: (

            Keep in mind that some spam filters do not kick in until a batch of emails are sent and therefore a few test emails do not always indicate whether a larger number of invitations will get through. Explicitly whitelisting the above email domains at the firewall and desktop levels is the only way to ensure there will not be problems.

            It is recommended that Denison Consulting be provided with an IT contact we can work with directly to resolve any potential conflicts.

            Browser Compatibility

            Our survey and online reporting tools are powered by modern technology, and so work best on the most recent version of the following web browsers.

            Google Chrome (most versions - preferred)
            Mozilla Firefox (most versions)
            Apple Safari (most versions)
            Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 10 or later)

            In addition, our survey and reporting tools are compatible with most mobile devices and tablets and their associated browser technology.

            If your organization relies on legacy technology, and you are not able to upgrade to a level of browser compatibility that meets these requirements, Denison can provide you with paper surveys to accomodate those population segments where legacy browsers are present.

            Using older browsers or disabling browser features (such as JavaScript and cookies, which must be enabled) may reduce survey functionality and could potentially render the survey unusable. We highly recommend that users update their browsers to the most current versions.


            Hyperlink Handling

            Some email clients limit hyperlink functionality. As a result, some survey participants may be unable to navigate to their survey by simply clicking the hyperlink within the invitation email. These users should start a new browser session and paste their survey link into the browser's address bar.

            NOTE: Some clients prefer to send invitations themselves. When doing so, Denison Consulting recommends putting the survey hyperlink into the body of the email or embedding the link into an attached PDF document. Adding hyperlinks to other types of attachments (such as Microsoft Word) may prevent the links from functioning as expected.

            Link Options

            Participants should have their own unique email addresses and PC with internet access. If they do not, the following options are available:

            • Use a "Kiosk" formatted survey link. Often, clients will provide the survey link on kiosk computers or a corporate Intranet so it does not need to be typed in by hand. For "Kiosk" surveys, participants must complete the survey before leaving the computer. They can not save partially completed surveys.
            • Generate a unique User ID and PIN for each participant, which is then typed in when they first access the survey site.

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