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            Denison Consulting is very concerned about confidentiality and we understand your concern for the privacy of the survey participants. The information survey participants provide in the Denison Organizational Culture Survey is confidential and only used by Denison Consulting.


            It is our policy that all surveys are completely confidential and that no identifying information is disclosed. Participating in this survey is voluntary. Participants may answer all or some of the questions. The responses will be used solely for the purpose of assisting your organization in understanding the impact your culture has on your organization's performance in order to redirect the culture to improve organizational effectiveness. Participating in the survey will have no impact on the participants' privacy.


            Denison Consulting uses email addresses in order to send invitation letters, send reminder letters and provide technical assistance to those taking the survey. A participant's email address will not be used for any other purpose.


            Participants' answers will be combined and may be shared with other agencies conducting personnel research. Data in aggregate form may also be used by management to evaluate the workforce. No individually identifiable information will be used.

            Updated: 02 Nov 2016 01:55 AM
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